NAVITEL® offers world leading expertise on automotive electronics market. Branded GPS navigators, portable digital cameras, tablets, and combo devices stand for affordable quality. NAVITEL® develops modern navigation software and cartography as well as complex monitoring systems. Navitel Navigator programme presents precise multi-platform multilingual navigation for travels all over the world. Navitel Monitoring allows performing various monitoring-related operations in real time.

21 March 2019 Software update for NAVITEL® GPS navigators on Linux

NAVITEL® releases an update of Navitel Navigator 9.10 software for devices running on Linux.

18 January 2019 Navitel Navigator update for combo device RE900 FULL HD

NAVITEL® releases a software update for its hybrid device

16 January 2019 Updated maps of Poland and Belarus for Navitel Navigator

NAVITEL® releases map updates for Poland and Belarus, which include new road sections, detour routes and other essential navigational information

20 December 2018 Special offer “Mountain resorts with NAVITEL®”

NAVITEL® launches special map packages for precise GPS navigation for those who enjoy mountain resorts

26 October 2018 NAVITEL® Q3 2018 map update: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Maldives, Philippines

Updated Q3 2018 maps for 5 countries of Latin America, Philippines and Maldives are now available to the Navitel Navigator users

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